Privacy and Data Protection

APE AV takes data protection and data privacy seriously. To download a copy of the data protection policy, click here.

Photo Sharing Consent

Working in media, there are a number of times where photos and videos are taken by APE AV. Consent is always gathered before the taking and distribution of such material. To see a copy of the consent form used, click here.

Website Maintenance Agreement

After APE AV have developed a website, you may choose to enter into a Website Support Agreement with APE AV. This agreement is where APE AV will update, refresh and maintain your website for a specified period of time. To see the details of the agreement, click here.

Equipment Loan Agreements

APE AV have a large amount of audio, visual, media and IT equipment which is avaliable for loan. To ensure that all parties are protected, borrowers are asked to sign an agreement before borrowing equipment.
If it is a one-off loan, you are asked to sign a single use agreement.
If you are borrowing multiple items of equipment, or are likely to borrow lots of equipment within a shorter time frame, you are asked to sign a longer term agreement.